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About Us

About DIYTrade.com

DIYTrade.com, one of the best-known (B2B) online trading platform in the world with over 5 million products. It was launched with the name eBigChina.com in 1999 and renamed to DIYTrade.com in May 2006. Through its leading technology and concrete market strategy, DIYTrade.com has quickly became merchants' favorite website for product sourcing and selling.

Company Overview

DIYTrade.com founded in 1998, an ebusiness service provider focus on serving Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with best-class ebusiness solutions. These years, as a chief driver of B2B online trade the company continues to create and facilitate global online trading opportunities for SMEs.

Company Vision

Empowering SMEs from website building to eventually integrate ecommerce to their everyday business activities is the mission of our company. In the coming years, we will keep on creating easy-to-use, yet powerful ebusiness applications that help SMEs get the most out of this new world.

Company Address

Room 2101, Shenhua Commercial Building, Jiabin Road,
Luohu District, Shenzhen
Postal Code:518000

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