Why DIYTrade?

  • Reliable reputation

    DIYTrade has been introduced and run steadily since 1999, it has almost 1.5 million registered members from more than 200 countries and regions. Through a leading-edge technology and clear positioning, it has become the preferred site of the world's merchant for procurement and promotion of goods.
  • Enormous search volumn

    More than 8 million users around the world seeking new suppliers through DIYTrade every month, its average search volume per month over 25 million times.
  • Get listed on top search engines

    Top search engines such as Google, Bing, Baidu etc will collect information from DIYTrade more than 30 million times every month. Through our search engine optimization (SEO), your website can get good ranking in the search result.
  • Meet the needs of foreign customers

    Web interface of DIYTrade has been redesign such as navigation, enquiry process, feel and looks etc in order to meet the needs of foreign customers for a better user experience.
  • Global stability of data network

    We have servers located in the United States, Europe ,Japan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Hong Kong to ensure visitors around the worlds can enjoy a stable and fast connection to DIYTrade.
  • A balanced distribution of global buyers

    DIYTrade has a large oversea user base in various countries and regions, users in the united states accounted for 15%, China accounted for 9%, UK accounted for 6% and India accounted for 5%. Compared to other domestic B2B platform, we have a more balanced distribution of global buyers, it benefits members to sell their products around the world.

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