Privacy Policy Statement

The Privacy Policy below governs your ("DIYTrade") account and any information you provide on this website, please read carefully! By accepting the Term of Service of DIYTrade, you consent to the collection of use of your personal information. This Policy being part of the above agreement.

1)Collection and Use of Information

a)When you register for the membership with DIYTrade, you will be asked to provide basic information such as your business name, business address, contact person and other personally identifiable information. Refusal to supply these information may result in us being unable to process your request.

b)Personal identifiable information may also be collected when you use some of our services such as from users who post buy lead or send inquiry to our members.

c)General statistical information about DIYTrade will also be automatically recorded such as IP address, pages viewed, browser version, etc.

d)When you purchase a paid service with DIYTrade, additional information such as billing information, credit card information, etc shall be collected. Such information shall be provided to banks/financial institutions to enable the payment transaction.

e)Information may be used by DIYTrade for the following purpose: i)Processing your registration, order, inquiry or feedback; ii)DIYTrade's operations; iii)Sales & Marketing purpose; iv)Enable the payment transaction; v)Meeting requirements to make disclosure under any law applicable in or outside China; vi)Preparing general statistics on the usage of DIYTrade website; & vii)Other related purposes.

2)Disclosure of Information

Your information will be kept confidential. DIYTrade may use or disclosure information about you to any companies or persons only when we have your consent, or under the following conditions:

a)Who provides services or advice to DIYTrade in connection with DIYTrade's operations;

b)Who provide the product or service you have requested; &

c)Under any law applicable in or outside China.

3)Share of Information

Upon registration of our website service, some of your personally identifiable information you provided to us will be automatically listed in the "Contact" page of your website. You should be aware that these information will be able to access by the users of our website.


Cookies are used by DIYTrade to recognize you as a return user every time you visit our website. This cookie helps you save time whenever you post offer, send inquiry, or use other services, your contact and business details will be filled automatically. We also collect statistics on pages viewed on the website and usage patterns in order that we may measure traffic, gauge the popularity of various parts of our website and gain some general statistics about our users. If you do not accept cookies on our website, you may not be able to use or access in some services or features.

5)Updating or Deleting Your Account Information

You can update your company information or change your password any time when you sign in to DIYTrade. If you want to delete your DIYTrade account, please email us through the "Contact Us" page.


Your account information are password protected and will be accessible only by authorized employees of DIYTrade. Employees designated to handle personal data will be made acquainted with this Privacy Policy Statement. Reasonable and current security methods are employed by DIYTrade to ensure the correct use of information.

DIYTrade may amend this policy from time to time. For any query regarding this policy, please email us through the "Contact Us" page.


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